Our Solutions

Finance but on Blockchain Rails

For Borrowers

Real Time Access to global pools of capital at a fraction of traditional borrowing cost.

What we offer to businesses:

  • Term & asset backed loans for your working capital and growth needs
  • Flexible loan & repayment tenure (30-360 days)
  • Customized loan structures compliant with local regulations
  • Seamless conversions between stablecoins and fiat through our partner network

For Liquidity Providers

Get access to fractionalized global private debt opportunities meeting highest standards of credit due diligence.

What we offer to Institutional and Accredited Investors?

  • Sustainable yields by lending to high growth businesses
  • Credit assessed and compliant borrowers meeting all regulatory requirements
  • Hassle-free loan documentation
  • Continuous credit monitoring throughout the life cycle of the loan with additional legal and collection service

About us

Vayu aims to utilize the speed and efficiency of Web3 in expanding credit across the globe. Financial inclusion of legitimate industries is core to our model and hence we are open to select industries neglected by banks. Our team is composed of professionals having decades of banking, fintech & blockchain experience.

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Join us

We are looking for people who believe in the power of Web3 and its power to expand the reach of credit. We are hiring across functions in India, UAE, Singapore across divisions- Engineering, Product, Business Development, Credit, Marketing, Legal and Compliance. Feel Free to write to us at people@vayu.trade mentioning the department of Interest in the subject line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I borrow from Vayu.Trade?

Vayu offers both secured & unsecured StableCoin loans at competitive rates at a fraction of the traditional borrowing cost.

Why should I lend on Vayu.Trade?

Access some of the best borrowers from the comfort of your office. Vayu supports lenders with due diligence and allows them to lend an amount of their choice.

What makes Vayu.Trade safer than other Web3 Protocols?

At Vayu, we carefully choose our users after very thorough due diligence to prevent any misuse of the platform. Our Smart Contracts are audited by recognized auditors to ensure the utmost safety of our clients’ funds.